European Clarinet Association - ECA

European Clarinet Association - ECA

President's message

Dear Clarinettist,


it is our pleasure to welcome you on the official website of the ECA — and to share with you the fantastic world of the clarinet!

The ECA is on a good path. Steadily the number of memberships is increasing. We have members from almost all the European countries. Of course we are still at the beginning and the team around the board is working hard to take successful next steps. There were some changes:

Stephan Vermeersch from Belgium is now President

Matthias Müller from Switzerland is Vice-President

Céleste Zewald from the Netherlands is the new Secretary.

Sarah Watts from Great Britain is new in the board for England and Scandinavia.

Andrija Blagojevic is editor of the e-newsletter: Please send all relevant clarinet news to


All the best, Stephan Vermeersch, President



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