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European Clarinet Association - ECA

President's message

Dear Clarinettist,


it is our pleasure to welcome you on the official website of the ECA — and to share with you the fantastic world of the clarinet!

The ECA is on a good path. Steadily the number of memberships is increasing. We have members from almost all the European countries. Of course we are still at the beginning and the team around the board is working hard to take successful next steps. There were some changes:

Stephan Vermeersch from Belgium is now President

Matthias Müller from Switzerland is Vice-President

Severine Sierens also from Belgium is the new Secretary.

Sarah Watts from Great Britain is new in the board for England and Scandinavia.

more changes are coming up when restructuring will be completed.

Many thanks to Simone Weber and David Campbell for their work.


ECA was very well represented at the ICA ClarinetFest 2013 in Assisi, Italy.  Next big events are in the pipeline: - 4th European Clarinet Festival in Katowice in December 2014 - ICA ClarinetFest in Madrid in 2015. In the coming year the ECA is hoping to involve all members in more active participation and to have a more lively website (currently under construction) and an even more intense exchange. If you have any inputs don't hesitate to tell us.


All the best, Stephan Vermeersch, President



NEWS — 4th European Clarinet Congress in Katowice, Poland 11-13 Dec 2014

Dear Friends,

All those wo were there all agree for sure:
The “4th European Congress” in Katowica, Poland
was a BLAST on all aspects.


Without doubt one of the best Clarinet Congress ever!
A cast of over 90 fantastic clarinet players with a myriad of concerts, lectures, masterclass, expositons and presentations at the very enjoyable spacious venues in the Karol Szymanovsky Academy of Music, an amazing evening with Traditional and Klezmer music, a dazzling gala concert in the marveous new Concert hall of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, a groundbraking Jazz Evening and a memorable Jam Session Party in Klub Arcada.
All aspects where present: classic, etnic, contemporary, electro-acoustic, chamber music, theater, klezmer, jazz, historical, masterclasses, lectures, education, expositions, press exposure … you name it, it was there!
The feeling of amitiy was really heartwarming: good vibes all around.
Thank you Katowica, Poland, thank you “Arek Adamski and your tireless team” for the very succesful organization of the “4th European Clarinet Congress”: a real model for future Congress.

Stephan Vermeersch
President European Clarinet Association

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