European Clarinet Association - ECA

European Clarinet Association - ECA

ECA - European Clarinet Association

ECA board members and organization

Stephan Vermeersch, Belgium, president

Matthias Müller, Switzerland, vice-president

Céleste Zewald, Belgium, secretary

Arkadiusz Adamski, Poland

Heike Fricke, Germany

Antonio Fraioli, Italy

Philippe Cuper, France

Pedro Rubio, Spain

Nuno Silva, Portugal

Sarah Watts, UK and Scandinavia


Aims of the ECA

At ClarinetFest 2009 in Porto, a group of European clarinetists decided to found the European Clarinet Association - ECA. A board of involved clarinetists from different European regions was formed under the leadership of Matthias Müller from Zurich.


The aims of the European Clarinet Association - ECA are:


- To enhance contact and communication among clarinetists and national clarinet societies.

- To organise activities and events in collaboration with national clarinet societies.

- To encourage and support European countries to found and maintain national societies by sharing experience and knowledge.

- To support the International Clarinet Association (ICA) with the organization of ClarinetFests in Europe.

- To disseminate and share information through a website.

- To publish updates on the activities of the ECA in The Clarinet magazine.



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