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The Lisbon International Clarinet Competition due to the great success achieved in the first two editions, has conquered its space amongst the leading clarinete competitions around the world. The Cultivarte Cultural Association and Inatel Foundation are honored to announce the 3rd Lisbon International Clarinet Competion which will be held in Lisbon from 30 of March to 2 of April 2015.

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Clarinet Competition

The international clarinet competition Czech Clarinet Art is the first and only clarinet competition on an international level in the Czech Republic focused solely playing the clarinet. The first year which was held in April 2013 ranked among the major musical competitions in Europe thanks to the prizes, very high level of the participants and the repute and credibility of the international jury.

Czech clarinet players rank among the world and the competition has strong foundation as it relates to the tradition of the Czech clarinet playing and simultaneously support it. The international competition will also draw attention to the Czech Republic and increase the quality of local musicians. This will hopefully influence next generations of young interpreters (not only from Czech Republic) who are the focus group of the competition.

Czech Clarinet Art is intended for players of the following categories: under 12 years old, under 15 years old, under 20 years and under 30 years old. The competition will take place in the city Hořice for four days. All of the competition rounds will be public. The competition will finish with award ceremony including the closing concert of the winners accompanied by Filharmonic Orchestra of the Hradec Kralove.

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L’Ecole de Musique et de Danse de Vélizy-Villacoublay a le plaisir de vous présenter la 4ème édition de son Concours d’interprétation musicale consacré à la clarinette le dimanche 8 février 2015.

Nous renouvelons cette année avec la catégorie Clarinette Basse,  l’épreuve supplémentaire d’improvisation libre de deux minutes maximum pour chacun des niveaux.

Ce concours est le fruit d’une longue réflexion en collaboration avec de nombreuses personnalités artistiques et a pour vocation d’être sans frontières, couvrant un large répertoire.

Autour du concours, il vous sera présenté un conte pour enfants ayant pour thème «l’addiction» créé originalement par Patunia Jankowska le mercredi 4 février à 18h00 à l’Auditorium avec Patunia Jankowska, et Jean-Marc Fessard à la clarinette, et un concert de l’Orchestre des Sapeurs-Pompiers des Yvelines qui accompagnera le vendredi 6 février à 20h00 à l’Atelier Anne Lepage, Charline Potdevin, lauréates des précédents concours et Jean-Marc Fessard, membre du Jury.

Tous les ingrédients sont là pour la quintessence des clarinettistes de tous les niveaux...
                                                               ...Olivier Depaix, Directeur de l’EMDV...


Ecole de musique et de danse
29 rue Paulhan
01 34 58 03 49


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2ème  Concours International de Clarinette Louis Cahuzac

Direction artistique | Philippe Cuper

sam 27 & dim 28 juin

à Rayonnement Régional de 


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8-9 October 2015 Augsburg Germany (National Selections take place before around April in the European Countries)

Basic information about the Lions European Musical Competition (LEMC)

In order to encourage talented young musicians, a Musical prize is presented annually on occasion of each Lions Europa Forum. During the Europa Forum a competition will be organized to identify the winner of the annual prize. The selected instrument, that is to be played in the competition, changes yearly.

A. Participants:
1) Participants should be maximum 23 years old on January 1st in the year of the competition.
2) Participants should have been resident in the territory of the entering member of the Europa Forum for at least five years prior to January 1st in the year of the competition. 3) “Members” are countries or states as defined in Article III - Rules of Procedures of the Europa Forum.
4) No winner of any competition may participate in any future competition.
5) Each member of the Europa Forum may nominate one and only one participant for the competition. Preliminary competitions are realized in most of the participating member countries (in Lions language: Multi-District level) or in smaller regional areas (in Lions language: District levels). Detailed information about these preliminary competitions you may get on your Multi-District or District homepages. If there remain questions don ́t hesitate contacting us.
6) The registration of the participants has to be done with the Chairman of the Committee by June 30th in the year of the competition.
7) All costs of a participant attending the competition will be the responsibility of the entering member.

B. Competition:
1) Each participant will be required to perform: The imposed piece of a duration of approx. ten minutes and two pieces of his/her selection from a provided repertoire list. 2) The prizes will be:
1st prize: 3.500 EUR
2nd prize: 2.000 EUR
3rd prize: 1.000 EUR

Lions European Musical Competition 2015 for the Clarinet
IMPOSED WORK - Compulsory
Concert in A-Major K.V.622, 2nd & 3rd Movement – W.A. Mozart
REPERTOIRE - each candidate must play one of these pieces for the MD Final and choose two for the European Final.
1. Four Pieces, op 5 – Alban Berg
2. Sonata No. 1 F-Minor op 120 1st movement – Johannes Brahms
3. Concert F-Minor, op 5 1st movement – Bernhard Henrik Crusell
4. 1ere Rhapsodie – Claude Debussy
5. Sonata for Clarinet Solo – Edison Denisov
6. Thema con Variazioni – Jean Francaix
7. Sonatine pour Clarinette et Piano - Darius Milhaud
8. Concerto op 57, 1st movement – Carl Nielson
9. Introduction, theme and variations – Gioacchino Rossini
10. Fantasiestucke op 73 – Robert Schumann
11. Rigoletto – Fantasia do concerto – Verdi/Luigi Bassi/Giampieri

12. Concert no 1 F-Minor, op 73 1st movement – Carl Maria von Weber


The clarinetist and composer Jörg Widmann will write a piece for the competition in Augsburg. All candidates are asked to prepare it. It will be performed – as a first performance - with orchestra during the closing session of the Europa Forum on 11th October in Augsburg/Germany by one of the winners of the 1st to 3rd prize. Also the imposed piece will be performed there. All participants of the European Final in Augsburg will receive the score of the Widmann composition through the organisation committee of the LEMC.


National Selections are taking place in the different European countries and on different dates.

Here you find the contacts of the Lions Clubs:

LIONS Secretariats

MD 101 Sweden

Geijversvägen, 24 SE-112 44 Stockholm
T + 46 8 744 59 00
F + 46 8 726 92 00

MD 102 SwitzerlandLiechtenstein

Sibylle Frank
Hirschmattstrasse 15, 6003 Luzern
T + 41 41 22 66 108
F + 41 41 22 66 109

MD 103 France

295, rue Saint-Jacques
FR-75005 Paris
T + 33 (0)1 46 34 14 10
F + 33 (0)1 46 33 92 41

MD 104 Norway

Ensjoveien, 18
N0-0661 Oslo
T + 4 7 23 24 46 30
F + 47 23 24 46 39

MD 105 England-Eire

257, Alcester Road South Kings Heath
Birmingham B14 8BT (UK)
T + 44 1 21 441 45 44
F + 44 1 21 441 45 10

MD 106 Denmark

Kobenhavnsvej, 19
DK-3400 Hillerod
T + 45 48 25 56 34

MD 107 Finland

Kirkonkyläntie, 10
FI- 00700 Helsinki
T + 358 9 565 5950
F + 358 9 565 59555

MD 108 Italy

Piazza Buenos Aires, 5
IT-00-198 ROMA
T + 39 6 4 287 07 78
F + 39 6 4 287 07 86

MD 109 lceland

Sóltuni 20
IS-105 Reykjavik
T + 354 561 3122
F + 354 561 5122

MD 110 The Netherlands

Concordiaweg 149/151
NL-4206 BK Gorinchem
T + 31 183 62 00 66
F + 31 183 62 16 01

MD 111 Germany

Bleichstrasse, 1-3
DE-65183 Wiesbaden
T + 49 611 991 54 81
F + 49 611 991 54 83

MD 112 Belgium

Houba de Strooperlaan 90 - 1020 Brussel
Tel. 02/478 17 31 - Fax 02/478 14 72

D 113 Luxemburg

40, Bld Napoléon 1er
LU-2210 Luxembourg
T + 352 45 78 79
F + 352 45 78 19


MD 114 Austria

Fleschgasse 32/5
AT-1030 Vienna
T + 43 1 877 48 89
F + 43 1 877 07 40

MD 116 Spain

Plaza del Callao, 4-14°C
ES-28013 Madrid
T + 91 521 75 16
F + 91 532 83 51

D 126 Croatia

Jusuf Sehanovic
LC Porec
Musalez 77
52440 Porec

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