European Clarinet Association - ECA

European Clarinet Association - ECA

2nd Walter Boeykens Clarinet Day

Saturday 31 Januari 2015 in Enschede, the Netherlands


André Kerver
Michel Arrignon
Kaliber Kunstenschool: Bert Vos, Erika Bijlsma en Annemarie Paauwe
Klarinetkwartet Kla-vier: Ilona Slomp, Ymkje Hellinga, Geri Middag en Marianne Bosch


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Capriccio Clarinet Festival 2015


European Clarinet Assocation             Prins Claus Conservatorium


Thursday March 5 - Sunday March 8


Groningen, Holland


Capriccio Clarinet Orchestra 25 Years is a good reason to have a big party with good friends and fellow clarinettists.

Good friends like Jozsef Balogh, Paolo de Gaspari, Matthias Mueller, Stephan Vermeersch, Céleste Zewald, Ronald van Spaendonck, Fie Schouten, Ron Daelemans and more will give masterclasses and play at the Capriccio 25 Year Concert Saturday March 7 in the wellknown Martini Church in Groningen.

And they perform with DJ's at the Capriccio Clarinet DJ Party Sunday March 8 in the EMG Faktors. To meet, to play, to party is the goal of the Capriccio Clarinet Festival 2015. Come and join us!   info(at)

CLARIMANIA - Wroclaw, Poland

Clarimania 2015

15-18.04.2015, Wrocław, Poland



15.04.2015 Opening night

Philippe Cuper-France, Igor Františak-Czech rep., Mariano Rey-Argentina, Irvin Venyš-Czech Rep., Inter>Camerata, Jan Jakub Bokun, cond.
Mozart-Kurpiński- Copland-Lopez- Piazzolla

16.04.2015 ; Trampoline of youth

Agata Piątek-Szymon Klima-Barbara Staszewska- Adriana Sieminiekiewicz
Saint-Saens-Prokofiew-Connesson- Paciorkiewicz- Petit

17.04.2014  Český den-A Czech day

Igor Františak, Irvin Venyš, Kalabis Quintet
Paleniček, Martinu, Eben, Ištvan, Pavlorek, Trojan, Krejči, Gemrot

18.04.2014 Back to the klezmer!

YOM- France


-Bence Szepesi, Hungary
-Rebecca Rischin-USA
-Arner Duo- Czech Republic


Elizabeth Crawford – USA,  e flat clarinet workshop
Bogdan Ocieszak- bass clarinet workshop


Philippe Cuper-Francja, Igor Františak-Czechy, Mariano Rey-Argentyna, Irvin Venyš-Czechy, Elizabeth Crawford-USA, Rebecca Rischin-USA, Bence Szepesi-Węgry, Bogdan Ocieszak


Zdenék Zavičak-Czech Rep.




5th European Clarinet Festival


The prestigious biennial ‘International Clarinet Competition, Ghent’ is now on its 3rd edition. The competition, an idea conceived by Eddy Vanoosthuyse (principal clarinetist of the Brussels Philharmonic), has in a short time developed into one of the most prestigious of its kind.

A ‘European Clarinet Festival’ has been linked to the event, working together with various cultural partners in Ghent. The Flemish Radio Choir will give a concert of world premières by Ghent composers, and the Brussels Philharmonic will play the closing concert featuring not only a number of top international soloists but also the Oscar winner and film music composer Nicola Piovani, who has written a new work for Eddy Vanoosthuyse.

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