European Clarinet Association - ECA

European Clarinet Association - ECA

Dear Friends,

All those wo were there all agree for sure:
The “4th European Congress” in Katowica, Poland
was a BLAST on all aspects.


Without doubt one of the best Clarinet Congress ever!
A cast of over 90 fantastic clarinet players with a myriad of concerts, lectures, masterclass, expositons and presentations at the very enjoyable spacious venues in the Karol Szymanovsky Academy of Music, an amazing evening with Traditional and Klezmer music, a dazzling gala concert in the marveous new Concert hall of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, a groundbraking Jazz Evening and a memorable Jam Session Party in Klub Arcada.
All aspects where present: classic, etnic, contemporary, electro-acoustic, chamber music, theater, klezmer, jazz, historical, masterclasses, lectures, education, expositions, press exposure … you name it, it was there!
The feeling of amitiy was really heartwarming: good vibes all around.
Thank you Katowica, Poland, thank you “Arek Adamski and your tireless team” for the very succesful organization of the “4th European Clarinet Congress”: a real model for future Congress.

Stephan Vermeersch
President European Clarinet Association